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Re: RB Extra in Trouble!

Hi, I just received this "news event" from the host of [sign in to see URL]:

> ----------
 ALL SERVICES RESTORED: DNS issues potentially affecting your Website and E-mail

UPDATE: 5:45 PM EDT - All services have been returned to normal, we apologize for any impact that this may have had on your website.


An unforeseen issue with our DNS system caused us to have to restore a backup from 3/16/2008.

If your site has been transitioned to the new platform since 3/16/2008, or you have created your account since that date, your website and e-mail may be affected.

Transitioned customers may notice that your website is displaying an older version. We will be correcting this during the course of the day today (Mon 5/26/2008), as we restore our DNS.

New customers that have created their account since 3/16/2008 may notice that their website is offline completely. This will also be corrected over the next few hours.

We deeply apologize for this service interruption, we know that you count on us, and our team is working as quickly as possible to restore full service for all customers.
- 05/26/08 at 17:46 ET

Ignore the "transitional platform" info, the [sign in to see URL] structure crashes their automatic transition everytime they try it so I am waiting for the go ahead to make a "manual transition" to their "new and improved" platform. As near as I can tell the CSS used for [sign in to see URL] and RB Extra is back in place with the latest changes/updates in place.


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